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1.  Increase Hydration

           The process of ionization reduces the size of water molecular clusters.  Smaller water

clusters cross cellular membranes more freely, enhancing tissue repair and waste removal. The amount of smaller water clusters produced depends on the surface area of the electrolysis plates and the electrical power devoted to ionization.


    2. Balance The Body pH

         The Alkaline Water produced here is created by raising water pH by ionizing or splitting the water molecule (H2O) resulting in the ions H+ (hydrogen with a positive electrical charge), and OH- (hydroxyl) with a negative electrical charge, as well as ionic alkaline minerals.  The abundance of OH- ions increases the bicarbonate buffers in the blood, balancing the body and neutralizing and excreting acids and toxins.


  3.  Increase Oxygen In The Body

        The abundance of hydroxyl ions (OH-) donate free electrons to unstable oxygen free radicals, resulting in the stable oxygen molecules.  According to experts, drinking alkaline, ionized water on a regular basis will increase the amount of dissolved oxygen in the blood.   Stable oxygen may increase mental alertness and energize the body.


 4.  Neutralize Free Radicals

        Alkaline, Ionized Water with an  abundance of hydroxyl ions (OH-), provides extra electrons that neutralize destructive free radicals circulating throughout the body. Alkaline, Ionized Water carries a high negative ORP (Oxidation-Reduction Potential) when it is first produced, making it a potent antioxidant.  "When taken internally, the reduced ionized water with its redox potential, or ORP of -250 to -350 mV readily donates its electrons to oddball oxygen radicals and blocks the interaction of the active oxygen with normal molecules, " according to water researcher Dr. Hayash.


5. Improve Exercise Recovery

        Intense exercise causes the body to produce lactic acid, pyruvic acid and carbon dioxide.  The result is decreased muscle pH. This acidic environment is one of the reasons you feel sore after exercise.  Drinking Alkaline, Ionized Water can help neutralize  lactic acid and thus shorten the time it takes your body to recover from exercise.

According to Dr Susan Lark, MD, author of The Chemistry of Success, drinking 4 to 6 glasses of alkaline water a day may help neutralize over acidity and  over time may help restore your buffering ability.  Like Vitamin C and Vitamin E, alkaline water acts as an antioxidant because of an excess supply of free electrons.   This may help the body against the development of acid reflux, heart disease, immune dysfunctions and other common ailments although clinical evidence proving this is conflicting.

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